Per Bagger in studio
Per Bagger in the studio


my name Is Per Bagger, and I help creative professionals turning thoughts into images. 

I’m a fashion & beauty photographer who see the importance for great images that tell stories about the brands personality. So before I pick up the camera I work with the client to find what is the essence we need to focus on, so we set the brand apart from the competition and how do we make the customers relate to the products. In this process I also work in collaborating with skilled designers, stylist and makeup artist to reach the goal of creating a fresh new look that enhance the clients vision.

As you can see in my work, I have a love for colours & emotions but simplicity & elegance is also a big inspiration for me, whether shooting advertisement, look books, jewellery, hair and fashion editorials.

I love photography, and I love that I can help people who see the importance in images to tell stories. My goal is to make every client a happy client, by developing their brands through relevant stories that inspire their customers.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark
Travel the world